Sedona Philosophy at Red Rock State Park

What is the Sedona Philosophy?

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The Sedona Philosophy is a practice that connects people to one another and to nature.   We emphasize that it is a practice because it is more about doing than believing.   Just like a yoga practice builds strength and flexibility of the body, a philosophy practice builds strength and flexibility of the mind. Of […]


Cicero and the Absurd

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Philosophers can come up with some pretty wacky ideas. Or at least it seems so. When Cicero said that , “Somehow or other no statement is too absurd for some philosophers to make,” he was mulling over some odd philosophical recommendations of his day, including Platonic instructions for dreaming and the Pythagorean prohibition on eating […]

Thinking about Star Wars

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“I find your lack of faith disturbing.” – Darth Vader The Star Wars series is great, and not just for the action and special effects, but also for the philosophical concepts. What is the nature of the Force? What are good and evil? Do droids think? Do they dream? Do they have any rights? I […]