Sedona Hiking Tours

All Hiking Tours include:

  • A private, customized, immersive Sedona experience.
  • Spectacular, intimate views of iconic red rock formations.
  • Our Sedona Hiking trails include a knowledgeable, experienced, educator guide who will take you through the land’s nature, culture, and history.
  • Connecting Sedona’s beauty and wonder to Eastern, Western, and Indigenous philosophical traditions.
  • Walking as much as you like or lingering at viewpoints. It is up to you. 

Easy Walk

$145 per person

A beginner to moderate hike – shorter distance and less elevation gain.
ADA available upon request.
1 – 2 miles
2 hours
9:30 AM or 1 PM – call for additional availability

Moderate to Advanced Hike

$215 first person + $125 each additional

A moderate to advanced hike – longer distance and more elevation gain.
2 – 5 miles
2.5 hours
9:30 AM or 1 PM – call for additional availability

Magical Hour Hikes

Sunrise, Sunset, Moonlight, or Starlight Hikes

$$225 first person + $125 each additional

These magical hour hikes are beginner to moderate – shorter distance and less elevation gain.
1 – 2 miles
2.5 hours
Includes pick-up/drop-off at your location.
Start/finish times change with the season. Click “Book Now” to see what is currently available.

Nature, culture, and history, with a philosophical twist.

Sedona Philosophy is permitted for operation on the Coconino National Forest, at Grand Canyon National Park, and at Red Rock State Park.