The Guides

A passion for philosophy and love of the outdoors inspired Andrea and Matt to create Sedona Philosophy. They each have advanced degrees in philosophy, and a unique ability to design experiences that make philosophy relatable and relevant for everyday life.

Kent joined Sedona Philosophy in 2021, and is a retired professor of philosophy who moved to Sedona because of his love of hiking and the outdoors – a perfect addition to the team. 

In 2022 Anna Krishtal, who has been studying the philosophy and science of yoga since 2004, began offering yoga/hiking tours.

Our guides create customized experiences for you to explore, engage, and enjoy nature in a way that is personal, fulfilling, and meaningful during your hikes in Sedona.

Andrea Christelle
Matthew Goodwin
Kent Baldner

TEDxSedona, January 5, 2018


In 2014 Andrea and Matt piloted the Sedona Philosophy Circle, which started with four seminars on philosophical topics of regional interest. Since then we have led hundreds of public dialogs, a trip through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River, and continue to offer walking and hiking tours in Sedona.