Private Hiking and Driving Tours of Sedona and Grand Canyon

Get up close and dive deep into the nature, culture, and history of Sedona, Grand Canyon, and northern Arizona with a local guide.

Driving Tours

Sedona or Oak Creek Driving Tour →


30+ miles of Sedona’s scenic roads 2.5 hours • Up to 3 short hikes

Grand Canyon Driving Tour from Sedona →

$498/person first two people (2 person minimum), $125 each additional (up to 5 total)

Transportation from Sedona and back 25 miles along the south rim of the Grand Canyon • 9 hours

Hiking Tours

Easy Walk →

$145 per person

1 – 2 miles • 2 hours

Moderate to Advanced Hike →

$215 first person + $125 each additional

2 – 5 miles • 2.5 hours

Magical Hour Hikes →

Sunrise, Sunset, Moon Rise, or Starlight Hikes
$225 first person + $125 each additional

1 – 2 miles • 2.5 hours • Includes pick-up/drop-off at your location

Nature, culture, and history, with a philosophical twist.


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“This has to be the best experience in Sedona — which is really saying something!”
– Bo B.

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“Must do experience for thoughtful persons visiting Sedona” – Frank W.

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“If you think you have experienced Sedona, you haven’t even touched the surface. Go deeper with Sedona Philosophy.” – Margot C., Boston MA

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“Getting in touch with yourself via Nature!! Awesome!” – Lucca

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“You’ll have an opportunity to talk about the big questions in life like the meaning of life, defining a meaningful existence, death, happiness, and any other large, philosophical and big picture questions.” – Kay B.

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“We can recommend it highly to anyone interested in a meaningful involvement with ideas, Nature, and — most gratifyingly — both.” – Ken B., Geologist

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Sedona Philosophy is permitted for operation on the Coconino National Forest, at Grand Canyon National Park, and at Red Rock State Park.