We lead unique tours and retreats in Sedona--a place of profound and inspiring beauty.

Doing Philosophy in Nature

We are educators of philosophy, science, and religion and we love to explore the areas in which these overlap. We have found the natural beauty of Sedona and northern Arizona to be the perfect place to inspire and foster careful philosophical conversation. If you have ever been curious about the big questions—such as: What is the meaning of life? What am I doing here? What should I do?—then we invite you to join us in Sedona, Arizona to explore more deeply.

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“Must do experience for thoughtful persons visiting Sedona”

Frank W.

“This has to be the best experience in Sedona--which is really saying something!”

Bo B.

“Getting in touch with yourself via Nature!! Awesome!”


“You’ll have an opportunity to talk about the big questions in life like the meaning of life, defining a meaningful existence, death, happiness, and any other large, philosophical and big picture questions.”

Kay B.

“We can recommend it highly to anyone interested in a meaningful involvement with ideas, Nature, and — most gratifyingly — both.”

Ken B., Geologist

“If you think you have experienced Sedona, you haven’t even touched the surface. Go deeper with Sedona Philosophy.”

Margot C., Boston MA
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