Finding Your Soul in Nature

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What happens when you go on a Sedona Philosophy retreat? You get a better understanding of your own life. Last Week’s Retreat Last week on the Finding Your Soul in Nature Retreat participants explored their inner lives in the natural world, and challenged some fundamental western ideas of what humanity’s place in nature is and […]

Spirituality and Voting

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Spirituality and Voting Spirituality and voting? Yes, you read that correctly. There is a connection between the inner spiritual life and the outer political one. Individuals do not live merely as individuals, but as individuals within a larger human and natural community. The health, vitality, and well-being of one depends upon the other. Working on […]

Being Honest About Yourself

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Describing ourselves should be easy. Who knows better than we do what we can do, and what we can’t? Our talents? Our tastes?   Two Benefits We’re often asked to describe ourselves. Doing this in a straightforward and honest way has two benefits: It helps others. (They know who they are dealing with.) It is […]

Sedona Philosophy at Red Rock State Park

What is the Sedona Philosophy?

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The Sedona Philosophy is a practice that connects people to one another and to nature.   We emphasize that it is a practice because it is more about doing than believing.   Just like a yoga practice builds strength and flexibility of the body, a philosophy practice builds strength and flexibility of the mind. Of […]

The Art of Asking

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Lawyers are told not to ask witnesses leading questions in court. But all questions lead somewhere. Usually, the kind of question we ask determines the kind of answer we get.   Factual questions are easy to ask, and they get asked a lot. In Sedona, people often wonder, “Why are the rocks red, and how […]

FOMO, FUD, and the Human Condition

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Cultural memes about a specific phenomenon can give us general insight to the human condition. Cryptocurrency is characterized by volatile valuations that are endured by loyalists in the name of privacy, decentralization, and, if you’re lucky, a lambo.   Like any new enterprise, crypto creates neologisms (or neoacronymisms, to be more precise). Two of the […]

Costumes and Conscious Creation

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Halloween is a time for dressing up. It can also be a time for thinking up new possibilities. Trying on a new character opens the door to telling a new story. Doing this the day before or after Halloween could be risky, but this holiday is a special time when permission is widely granted to […]

Come Wander and Wonder with Us

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Discover the grandeur of Sedona’s resplendent red rock country, and take a deep dive into your own personal life. What is happiness in my life? What does success look like for me? Why is success important? By asking and answering questions like this, getting a better understanding of your own inner life is just a […]

Specs on SPEX

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Here at SPEX, we love to look at life in all of its dimensions. However, you might be wondering what is SPEX? We are a friendly, fun group of philosophers who love being out in nature as much asking the big questions in life. Taking a tour with SPEX will give you a better understanding […]