Philosophical counseling uses the resources and wisdom of philosophy to understand and address issues in our lives and world. For those in Sedona and surrounding areas sessions are offered in a natural setting. Online and remote sessions are also available. Philosophical counseling draws on a wide variety of thinkers who have explored the human condition from emotional, logical, and relational perspectives. At Sedona Philosophy we also incorporate a connection to nature, which is also found in philosophical traditions.

Agave in bloom. Photo courtesy of Ted Grussing.

Philosophical counseling is not a substitute for professional mental health counseling. At the same time, the practice recognizes that many life challenges bear no connection to mental illness or pathology. Issues appropriate for philosophical counseling include moral questions of a personal or professional nature; issues of meaning and purpose; understanding the nature of value and happiness; dealign with sorrow, grief, dying, and death; coping with illness or disability; enhancing a relationship with the natural world; exploring a fully integrated human experience.