Introduction to phenomenology

Sometimes our experiences are different from what we know to be true. For example, even though we know that day and night are caused by the Earth’s rotation, we still say “the sun rises and sets,” because it reflects our experience. Phenomenology is a branch of philosophy that investigates the way human beings experience phenomena in the world. This is a unique opportunity to explore this tradition intellectually and experientially. There is no better place than Sedona for this investigation.

At this workshop participants will gain insight into four categories
that shape our everyday lives:

  • SpaceCan a person experience space alone, or do people merely experience objects in space?
  • TimeWhat does it mean when we say “time drags” or “time flies?” How does our experience affect the way we perceive time?
  • Memory – How do we recall events and what is the nature of memory?
  • Future – How do we think about and anticipate future events?

Specially crafted exercises will give participants an opportunity to look, perhaps for the first time, at the nature of their own experience. It is both surprising and delightful. Sharing those experiences with others is part of the fun.

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