Explore ideas and explore Sedona—together. We are deeply connected to the natural world, and we think about things differently when we are outdoors in a beautiful setting. Our weekend retreats are getaways that actively engage and restore the body, mind, and spirit. Each retreat is focused on an area of meaningful personal inquiry. See below for dates and descriptions. We hope to welcome you to Sedona soon for your own unique immersive and transformative experience!


Discover the Meaning in your Life

January 18-20, 2019

What is the meaning of life? And what does that question really mean? This retreat takes on the ultimate philosophical question. Examine famous philosophical answers, and even formulate your own. Learn new strategies for thinking about philosophical inquiry, truth, subjectivity, and objectivity, and see why these ideas matter to us in deeply personal ways.


Finding Your Soul in Nature

April 19-21, 2019

This transformative program combines immersion in nature, meditative experience, contemplative writing, philosophy, and science to create a journey that allows us to recover and rediscover the world’s mystery. This is an integrative process that combines the scientific and the spiritual, the intellectual and the personal, to make sense of how these seemingly disparate approaches are complementary components of our nature and the natural world.


Exploring Artificial Intelligence

October 4-6, 2019

What is human intelligence and what is artificial intelligence? How will we work and live with artificial intelligence, intelligent machines, and robots in the future? This retreat examines theoretical and technological issues while walking outdoors and on trails where we can think more clearly about them.


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Each retreat is crafted by a subject-area expert who has designed an experiential, participatory learning program. We suggest readings prior to, during, and after the retreat. However, the retreats do not require any reading or acquaintance with philosophy--just curiosity and a desire to explore big ideas—whether ancient or brand new.

Retreats incorporate interaction as well as quiet contemplation. Philosophy is grounded in dialogic exchange of ideas, and we know that what comes out of a conversation an authentic exchange of ideas can be organically productive. However, we also realize the benefit of personal reflection and quiet meditation. That’s why we do both. We move in and out of doors, and in and out of discussion to bring you to a new place of understanding and learning.

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Past Retreats:

Long Canyon Dead Mans Pass signClimate Change Reality

What do we know about climate change? How much certainty and uncertainty is there in climate science? Explore surprising examples of climate change misinformation, and learn how to detect it yourself. Identify logical fallacies and be better prepared to address the climate change reality in our world.

Beauty and the Sublime

We find beauty in breathtaking landscapes, in artworks, and even the human form. The sublime takes us beyond the beautiful to the expansive and the awe-inspiring, like the Grand Canyon and the starry sky. The beautiful and the sublime are almost always outwardly directed--at objects. But they may be internal as well-inside ourselves and other people. Explore the beautiful and the sublime--in Sedona, and in yourself.

Credit: Anita Ritenour, and Nature

What is human friendship? What might experiences of immersion in nature add to human friendships? How might we apply the nature of human friendship to the non-human natural world? This retreat examines how nature can be a place where our most lasting human relationships are forged and fostered, particularly in our age of increased technological interaction. 

SycamoreThe Importance Of Nature

What is our relation to nature and what should it be? Can we come up with an environmental ethic? Do other species other than humans have rights? This retreat will focus on these questions and discuss how philosophers from many ages and cultures have theorized about the importance of nature.

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