What is Philosophy?

Philosophy is literally ‘the love of wisdom’: philo (love) + sophia (wisdom)

But, what exactly is love? And what is wisdom? – Now we’re starting to do philosophy!

Philosophy is about the big questions in life that do not usually have easy or straightforward answers.


Philosophy is fun!

Everyone does philosophy whenever they confront the big issues of life. People do it while staring into a fire, or staring at the starry skies.

Philosophy is something we do. It is an activity. And we do it best when talking with others, hearing what they think, and comparing ideas.

Most people are philosophical early in life. Children are great philosophers, always asking 'why?'

What happened to that child in you? The day-to-day pressures often leave little time for philosophical reflection.

What questions do you wonder about?


Read a classic philosophical text:

Philosophy is an ancient tradition

Delphi, Greece is the center of the ancient world and the epicenter of the western philosophical tradition.

The oracle at Delphi said "there is no one wiser than Socrates."



Philosophy begins in wonder. –Socrates

It is only natural to do philosophy in beautiful, awe-inspiring places like Delphi, Greece as well as Sedona, Arizona and at the Grand Canyon.



If you want to think through the big questions of life, we invite you to do it with us in Sedona and the Grand Canyon.



We are here to help anyone who is curious to think through some of the Grand Questions.



We can guide anyone, no matter your background, through the history of famous philosophers who have carefully thought through the big ideas.



Thinking through philosophical ideas helps you navigate your life, find satisfaction, live morally, and think creatively.

Philosophy and the World

Did you know Google has an in-house philosopher? Philosophical concepts are essential in today’s world. Philosophy helps us to address our increasingly complex problems in areas such as medical ethics,  technology, climate change, geopolitical conflict, and social justice, just to name a few.

Philosophy and You

Philosophy is also very personal. Philosophy explores matters of faith, religion, and spirituality. What do I believe and why? Do I have a soul, is my soul immortal, and what is the nature of my identity? Philosophy also has to do with questions of what I should do with my life, how I should behave, how I should grieve, or assist others. Philosophy helps us think about personal identity in the context of digital information.


When we say ‘wisdom,’ we generally mean something different than knowledge. We may know many facts, but we might not know what we should do with them.


SPEX: It is not something you get, it is something you do.

SPEX is not a product, it is an experience. Philosophy is an activity. It is not transactional; we do not tell you what to do or think.

We want everyone to think more, and to think better--which means more critically.


SPEX: We are reviving the practice of philosophy

Philosophy is not just for academic halls. Philosophy is done best outside in nature, on the trails, and under the stars.

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