Philosophy Sunday

A community of philosophical conversation

[Dialogue] will make possible a flow of meaning in the whole group, out of which may emerge some new understanding. It’s something new, which may not have been in the starting point at all. It’s something creative. And this shared meaning is the “glue” or “cement” that holds people and societies together. –David Bohm.

Philosophy Sunday is offered on the second Sunday of each month from 4-5:30 PM, at El Portal. There will be a short reading, followed by a philosophical dialogue. Readings will be available on site. No advance preparation, and no charge. Sedona residents and visitors are welcome. No charge. Donations accepted.

January 19, 2020The nature of good and daily lifeThe nature of good and daily life
June 9, 2019The practice of philosophyThe Philosopher Within You
May 12, 2019Is justice the will of the stronger?We will discuss the famous challenge of Thrasymachus in light of current events.
April 14, 2019Why are we good?Ring of Gyges
March 10, 2019Assumptions and beliefsThe Allegory of the Cave

Philosophy Sunday is a chapter organization for the Society of Philosophers in America (SOPHIA). SOPHIA is, “dedicated to building communities of philosophical conversation.” All Sedona residents and visitors are welcome at our monthly chapter meetings. Visitors may decide to start their own SOPHIA chapter at home! Other popular SOPHIA programs include the podcast Philosophy Bakes Bread, and the online journal, Civil American.

SOPHIA core values

  • Building philosophical community and engagement – Philosophy is for everyone.
  • Philosophical inclusiveness – Philosophers learn from others.
  • Respectful communication – Everyone has a voice.
  • Professional excellence and public relevance – Philosophy goes beyond the realm of academia.
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