Come Wander and Wonder with Us

Discover the grandeur of Sedona’s resplendent red rock country, and take a deep dive into your own personal life.

  • What is happiness in my life?
  • What does success look like for me? Why is success important?

By asking and answering questions like this, getting a better understanding of your own inner life is just a few steps away.

What would your tour look like? Each experience is unique and is tailored to your interests. On our hikes and at our retreats, you and your guide explore the topics, the ideas, and the questions that lead to truly delightful moments of reflection, contemplation, and insight. If you love to think about things, but can’t seem to find the time, this is a rare treat. In our busy lives, we often don’t take time to discuss these truly significant questions—which is why a SPEX programs are the perfect way to reserve time for yourself. This transformative experience allows you to examine your own internal life, and see how traditions old and new, from the east and west, offer new ways to understand our lives. We share this with you in a spirit of friendship.

Oak Creek at Red Rock State Park

“A friend, since he is another self, provides what a person cannot provide by himself.” – Aristotle

SPEX tours pair you with friendly companions that, literally and metaphorically, walk you through a rewarding introspective investigation as you move through the inspiring vistas of Sedona.

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