Integrating Worlds with Max Cooper’s “Remnants”

Sometimes songs are confusing. And then they’re not. Like life. Last night after an amazing class at Sedona Hot Yoga I was settling into Savasana. The music was new—slow, soothing chords. But then the music changed into an irritating tapping and clacking . What happened? Where were the soothing chords? They came back, but then so did the percussive disruptions. I didn’t like the tension. I wanted pure peace. Soothing chords only, please. Shanti, shanti, shanti, Om, damn it.

musical notes

But as the music continued I became more comfortable with both themes, as they imperceptibly blended into one. It was magical. I’ve probably listened to Max Cooper’s “Remnants” from his Artefact album on Spotify 20 times since. The funny thing is, since I know what to expect now, I no longer find the dual themes in competition. They have become complementary. It reminds me a lot of what life is like in today’s world. The chords remind me of being at peace, out on the trail, with a book, or in yoga class. The clacking reminds me of technological disruptions and a busy world—checking email incessantly, sitting in traffic, negotiating bureaucratic bullshit, and other hassles of modern life. But then I realized that some technologies in modern life are good. They’re quite a help, really, if they complement the natural world in the right way. For me, “Remnants” is a musical tutorial about unifying a natural and contemporary life. Technology and busyness aren’t univocal. We get to manage them and, creatively, weave them into our lives in a way that works. It’s so cool to have a song that makes sense of that idea.


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